Dana Goad

Dana Goad

Coach - CrossFit Level 1

- Back Squat 225

- Grace 2:30

- Murph 48:53

- Fran 3:37

- Bench 170

- Deadlift 280


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

USAW weightlifting certification

About Coach

I grew up playing absolutely no sports. My parents had other ideas in mind (musical). After many years of battling with my weight and getting fit I walked into the local CrossFit… it’s been an amazing 7 year journey ever since. Within a short amount of time I was attending 5 classes a week and decided I loved it so much I would take my L1. I started coaching as soon as I received my passing score and have been ever since (4 years). I love the Crossfit community! It is a huge part of my life. I can’t see myself going anywhere else.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I absolutely love watching people break out of their comfort zone. Seeing them push past what they ever thought possible is rewarding on so many different levels. I try to help the athlete become a stronger version of themselves; physically and mentally.

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