Rick Heron

Rick Heron

Owner - Coach - CCFT Level 3

- Deadlift - 525#

- Squat - 405#

- Grace - 1:58

- 5K - 19:58


(CCFT) Certified CrossFit Trainer Level 3

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

TRS Movement and Mobility Level 1

About Coach

I first began my CrossFit journey in 2012 and fell in love with The Methodology, The Community and comradely that IS CrossFit. A year later I received my Level 1 training certificate and began my coaching career. I have a true passion for helping athletes succeed and achieve their goals. In 2018 I decided to further my CrossFit education and received his Level 2 certificate. I am currently working on my Level 3 Certification. The only thing in my life that tops CrossFit and my Fit Fam, is My lovely wife and two beautiful sons.

Turning Point

In High School, I was always in good shape played a lot of sports, and worked out regularly. After High School, I fell into partying eating poorly, and overall a very unhealthy lifestyle. when my partying slowed down and I met my wife I was still living an unhealthy lifestyle. one day when we got our engagement photos I looked at them and didn't recognize who I became. I started doing Jiu-Jitsu with a few friends and really got into it. through jiu-jitsu, I was introduced to CrossFit and my life was changed. I became fitter and found more balance in my life.

Motivation & Passion

The most enjoyable thing is watching someone become better, watching someone accomplish or do something they never thought they could something they only thought was for other people. The worst thing anyone can say is I Can't we are reminded every day that people can achieve some incredible feats I believe those incredible feats are open to everyone, not just the select few. but those feats require work and energy.

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